Changxing Magnesia Charging Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metallurgical charging and Magnesia carbonaceous series products. It is a “Contract-abiding and credit-keeping”unit in Huzhou and a key welfare enterprise in Huzhou. The company is located in the territory of Changxing County Economic Development Zone, 318, China National Highway 104, Xinchang Railway, Xuanhang railway, shensu-zhejiang-anhui highway through the border, convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 45 acres, the original value of fixed assets 65.5 million yuan, the net value of 51.85 million yuan, 50 million yuan liquidity. It has 166 employees, including 27 professionals and senior engineers, and has established long-term technical cooperation relationship with Refractory and Wuhan University of Science and Technology in Luoyang, continuously develop into a scientific research, production and management as one of the new fire-resistant enterprises. A new marketing mode is innovated, which integrates the service of brick, masonry, maintenance, determining the age of the package/furnace, and dismantling the package/furnace, so as to give full play to the advantages of the products provided

The company holds the national industrial product production license (Certificate No.: (Zhejiang) xk05-004-00021) issued by Zhejiang provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, the work safety license (Certificate No.: (Zhejiang) JZ safety license Zi [2021] 059103) issued by Zhejiang Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, and the grade III general contracting of Metallurgical Engineering Construction issued by Huzhou Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development (Certificate No.: d333301537) After transformation and expansion in recent years, the company now has reasonable production process layout and complete production equipment. It mainly produces more than 45000 tons of large, medium and small converters, electric furnaces, refining ladle magnesia carbon bricks, tundish magnesia dry materials, magnesia coatings, magnesia bricks, electric furnace gunning materials, furnace bottom ramming materials and various masonry auxiliary materials, including more than 30000 tons of finalized products and 1 ton of amorphous products The company now has 1 set of 2500t hydraulic press, 2 sets of 1250t screw presses, 2 sets of 1000t friction presses, 6 sets of 630t screw presses, full-automatic crushing and mixing production system, full-automatic distributor system, natural gas tunnel drying kiln and other equipment, and adopts fully automatic and intelligent integrated production process to fully realize energy-saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, efficiency enhancement and clean production.

       The company's products are widely used in various large and medium-sized metallurgical industries, such as Shanghai Electric Shangzhong machinery plant, Hengyang Valin Continuous Rolling Pipe Co., Ltd., Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd., Quzhou Yuanli metal products Co., Ltd., Sinosteel Xingtai roll Co., Ltd., Baosteel Hitachi (Nantong) rolling 3969 roll Co., Ltd., Ministry of railways, china CNR group Chengdu Tianma and Xinyang Tonghe Wheel Co., Ltd. have received good feedback after use 

      The "Changyi" registered trademark of the company has been rated as a famous trademark of Huzhou City. It has passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification. By improving the advanced quality management system, the management level and product quality of the company have been greatly improved. Based on the principle of "mutual benefit and common development", the company will continue to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life on the basis of sincere cooperation and integrity. Welcome new and old friends to guide us.